"Every business is different... yet they're all the same."


Your business is unique in many ways, but all businesses, (from a lemonade stand to

a global mega-corporation), require the same five vital elements to attain,

and sustain, success.


We've all seen the age old formula... 

  Margin  times  Volume  minus  (all) Expenses  equals  Profit (or loss)

... but even when that formula is alive and well, a business can still go "under"

unless the fifth vital element is managed effectively - Cash Flow.

There are always ways to improve a small business. Your to-do list verifies this. The businesses that continuously seek to improve, by pro-actively tweaking their methods and practices, rise to the top and endure market changes. Often, those that don't, fail. 

SmallBizHelpNL can (cost effectively) assist your business with the following solutions :



Market (price/value) testing, added value, cost of sales and cost per sale review, identifying end-user benefits,

streamlining production, supplier research & negotiations, up-selling, outsourcing...



Targeted advertising & promotional campaigns, accessing/developing captive market segments, targeted networking,

up-selling, strategic alliances, affiliate sales, product/service bundling...



Lower your payment card processing fees (guaranteed for qualified merchants). Review premises costs, utilities, staffing vs outsourcing,

cost of goods sold including selling costs, advertising, costs of delivering services/products....



Eliminate receivables & lessen risk of bad debts, initiate order deposits and progress payments on larger projects,

shorten the selling cycle to minimize sales investment and to expedite new sales... 


It's obviously true that managing a business can be stressful. Many of us have been there and have that t-shirt. It's also true that it doesn't have to be stressful forever. When you know that your business is being run about as well as it can be, then the stress levels drop and your mental acuity increases, and that's when management becomes both more fun and more profitable too.


A simple call, text or email will start a conversation. Initial chats are free of cost or obligation and are completely confidential. Our non-disclosure agreement backs up that statement and any charges after that discussion will be fully agreed upon, in writing, prior to any services being provided. Our rates are far lower than high-level "consulting firms". That's why our name states "BizHelp" and not "Executive Business Consulting". First, we chat to assess if, and how, we may bring real-world tangible value to your enterprise. If it's mutually agreed upon that we can do that, then we efficiently assess your operations to develop a plan to achieve your goals.


An honest discussion can lead to cost-effective business enhancements that will help improve and sustain your future business.


To lower your stress and to leverage your success   ....   start the conversation today!






          Peter (Pete) Austin

     Direct line call/text:  709-689-4753

Email:  Info@smallbizhelpnl.ca

Postal:    P.O Box 151, Harbour Main
                 NL Canada  A0A 2P0


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